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About Us

We want to bring tokenization to domain names! Using our asset backed tokens illiquid domain assets become liquid! We want to offer opportunity to buy a fractional ownership within large domain portfolio. Not only to big investors, we made it possible for everybody!

We spot new trends
We try to spot new trends. We have brought tokenization to normally illiquid assets, we want to make buy/sell domains easy and simple to use for people without technical skills.
We tokenize real assets (domain names and domain portfolios). This means you can buy/sell a fraction of portfolio represented by asset backed tokens.
We put domain (.com,.net,.io,info) ownership on blockchain. We make ownership transaprent, we make illiquid assets liquid, thanks to tokenization. We make fractional ownership possible even for small investors.
What´s next after crypto mania?
WE BELIEVE tokenization of real assets is the next big step after cryptocurrency and ICO mania in 2017/2018. 99% of ICOs were unable to deliver products that they promised to investors. People are looking for transparency more than ever, they do not want to risk money. This situation leads to a huge demand for real asset backed tokens. Investors want to invest in innovative and progressive way, they want to get a liquidity advantage, thanks to tokenization!
We connect

- imagine investors can buy shares in domain portfolio
- domain portfolio owners offer their shares to investors


- Strong community, fin-tech and tokenization enthusiasts create strongly relevant and valuable content

Advertising revenues

- Community content is monetized, investors (domain shares owners) make profit continuously, thanks to Tokendomains community! Investors make profit continuously every day, not only once the domain is sold
- The platform deliveres advertising revenues to domain shares owners and to content creators

Questions & Answers

What we do
We collect data, which clearly show the market potential of our domains, which we offer for sale. We innovate in the world of domains. Word “coin” is everywhere nowadays, and is widespread, which means that it is no longer promising. The trend of the future in the world of domains is “token. We are one step ahead, join us.
What it serves
Our service offers you a large variety of data from all around the web. Our database is expanding each and every day, increasing our outreach. With our service, you will be able to find all the relevant data in a single website, without the need to look elsewhere. With our data, you will be able to easily evaluate the domain of interest.
What is our goal?
Our goal is to create valuable domains with the most popular trends on the Internet. We are building entire sector-specific packages. We aim to create highly perspective investment opportunities for anyone to attend, without the need to do complex research
Points of Interest
One of the best known tokens, on the market right now, is EOS, with a market capitalization of 7.528 billion USD, and is steadily rising. Tokens are currently on the rise of popularity and tend to attract even more attention than ever before, they are becoming a new trend. Another example of tokens is the Stronghold token, which was created by IBM, with the goal to speed up and simply foreign payments. It also aims to bring virtual currency into our daily lives. There are many new tokens appearing almost daily and their numbers are only set to increase in the future.

Recent news

19% of the total value of tokenized portfolios (VFA, STO, and P2P) was distributed among 256 users, i.e. $ 965.461

Thanks to our partners, associates and advisors. 

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