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United States

United States

Basic information

Name:United States
Capital city:Washington, D.C.
Top level domain: .us
Total number of listed companies:4,681
Total market cap of listed companies:31,015,789,814,611 $

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Language name Speakers Population
English 265,960,487 82.10 %
Spanish 34,662,329 10.70 %
French 2,267,629 0.70 %
German 2,267,629 0.70 %
Chinese 1,943,682 0.60 %


Currency name Shortcut Symbol
United States dollar USD $


Company name Market cap
Apple Inc. 941,789,592,180 $
Amazon.com, Inc. 874,378,881,008 $
Alphabet Inc. 837,278,533,797 $
Microsoft Corporation 828,885,690,000 $
Facebook, Inc. 610,505,938,331 $


Religion name Population Population i percent
Budhism 2,262,000 0.70%
Christianity 253,655,000 78.30%
Judaism 5,816,000 1.80%
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