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Cryptocurrency for Football: A new wave coming soon in football

Cryptocurrency and blockchain have quite successfully intervened in a lot of spaces to make their mark. It now looks like the latest space to be invaded by crypto will be the most popular sport in the world- football. Cryptocurrency for football is not a new idea but football clubs and fans are now slowly understanding the opportunity it provides. Major clubs and footballers have promoted the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency for football in the past years. With the likes of football superstar Lionel Messi and clubs like Arsenal in England, Bayern Munich in Germany and Juventus in Italy and

MRO Blockchain Alliance to boost revenue in the aerospace industry by $40 Billion

The Aerospace Industry is set to explore the transparency and efficacy of Blockchain in tackling the several challenges faced globally while advancing a standard in production and quality of airplane services. Launched as the MRO Blockchain Alliance in a partnership involving key players in the industry, this alliance is looking to apply the digital ledger technology to the manufacture and quality check of airplane components. MRO Blockchain Alliance to Improve Quality of Aerospace Industry Proposed in 2019 by the HAECO Group, the partnership between the key players was to bring about a global consensus in the adoption of Blockchain technology

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