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Documents ICO Investors Often Overlook

The first thing blockchain enthusiasts engage with when they hear about a new blockchain startup is its landing page. Here, they should find links to all the important documentation that relates to the project, such as a white paper, a one pager, and a presentation. [Note: This is a guest article submitted by Nick Evdokimov] All of these are vital to a potential user or investor’s evaluation. A white paper should provide information on theRead MoreThe post Documents ICO Investors Often Overlook appeared first on Bitcoinist.com.

Illegal Activity Shrinks to 10% as Speculators Become the Dominant Bitcoin Drivers

There was a time when the overwhelming majority of Bitcoin usage was associated with drug dealing and other illegal activities. With Bitcoin offering relative anonymity that traditional payment methods like cards and bank transfers didn’t, criminals were quick to hop on the bandwagon, which gave Bitcoin the misguided moniker of the criminals’ currency. While the […]

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