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Binance Coin price rises to 17.70: what’s next?

Binance Coin price continues to hold the support while keeping its trade above the $17.30 level on the 2nd of May. Samersiam is a TradingView analyst who is of the opinion that the next price target for BNBUSD is $20. 1-Day Binance Coin price movement (2nd May) Binance Coin Price Chart by TradingView After starting […]

Elon Musk Successfully Causes a Small Tesla Price Crash

Social media can be a very powerful, yet equally dangerous tool to use for company executives. Elon Musk will know that all too well, yet he still managed to trigger a minor Tesla stock crash through Twitter. Any comment made on social media can certainly trigger an uproar. Elon Musk Triggers Small Crash This is […]The post Elon Musk Successfully Causes a Small Tesla Price Crash appeared first on NullTX.

Even After 90% Crash from Highs, Analyst Thinks XRP is “Wildly Overpriced”

Since the blow-off top at $3.30 seen at the start of 2018, XRP has been in a consistent macro downtrend. Even as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies roared higher in mini bull markets, the cryptocurrency’s price has been muted, trending lower and lower over time with seemingly no bottom to speak of. XRP remains more than 90% below its all-time high as of the time of this article’s writing, despite the more than 100% rally from […]

This Volume Trend Suggests Bitcoin is About to See Massive Volatility

Bitcoin’s recent uptrend appears to be far more than just a fleeting relief rally, as data suggests that it has been driven primarily by retail investors as margin traders flee the market due to the mass liquidations resulting from recent volatility. This coincides with an interesting trend seen while looking towards the cryptocurrency’s daily volume,...

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