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Pantera Capital’s Third Venture Fund Raises $71M, Eyes $175M

Blockchain investment firm Pantera Capital recently launched its third cryptocurrency fund. Known as Venture Fund III, the company completed all necessary filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last Wednesday, and the event is already making impressive headway in the cryptocurrency space. So far, the fund has garnered over $71 million from roughly 90 different investors.But this capital is just a small fraction of what the fund’s executives feel it can accrue. Firm partner Paul Veradittakit explains that the company expects to bring in approximately $175 million in funding, which would be the highest monetary allocation in Pantera Capital’s history. Veradittakit explains that the target amount is a “function of how fast the space is moving, the talent coming in, the opportunities, and the sizing of rounds.”“With more interesting later-stage investments [on our radar] too, we want to be flexible and able to move with the market,” he continued. Pantera representatives say they’re planning to use the money to invest in Bakkt, a new platform from the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). Set to launch this November, Bakkt’s primary goal is to assist retailers in buying, trading and selling digital currencies. Pantera’s work with Bakkt would make it a founding investor. Pantera Capital has developed an impressive reputation in the cryptocurrency space. During its five year lifespan, the co...

Airbnb Co-Founder Backs $23 Million Funding Round for Institutional Cryptocurrency Dealer

Institutional-grade cryptocurrency prime dealer SFOX has raised nearly $23 million to fund the development of full-featured asset management platform for large-scale cryptocurrency investors. Announced on Thursday, SFOX’s $22.7 million Series A funding round was led by Tribe Capital and Social Capital, and it also included investments from Y Combinator, Khosla Ventures, Blockchain Capital, and AirbnbThe post Airbnb Co-Founder Backs $23 Million Funding Round for Institutional Cryptocurrency Dealer appeared first on CCN

Producers Preview Cryptocurrency Movie ‘Crypto’

The producers of Crypto, Hollywood’s first big-budget cryptocurrency movie, recently gave a preview of the film that stars Kurt Russell. One thing that Hollywood is known for is grabbing what is exciting and new and make some movies about it. This happened back in the 1960s with the space race, and the 1980s featured a...The post Producers Preview Cryptocurrency Movie ‘Crypto’ appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.

South Korea Budgets Nearly $4.5B for Blockchain, Emerging Tech

South Korea is planning to invest nearly $900 million next year to accelerate the development of blockchain, artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies.In an August 14, 2018, press release from the 5th Ministerial Meeting entitled Growth through Innovation, Deputy Prime Minister Kim Dong Yeon is summarized as saying “The government has decided to work on a platform economy, whose impact is powerful and far-reaching.” “There have been discussions among ministries and private sector experts on how to develop a platform economy, and we have come up with the four projects in which we will continue to invest with a long-term perspective,” the statement continued.The projects that he outlined included:building a digital platform for big data and AI, along with promoting blockchain technology to secure data transactions and the sharing economy;setting up a hydrogen fuel cell supply chain; anddeveloping an education program to meet the demand for a qualified workforce for these industries in the future.While the release did not specify how the funds will be allocated, a total of five trillion won (approximately $4.5 billion) will be spent in 2019 on eight pilot projects for the digital platform economy, an increase of over two trillion won ($1.75 billion) from 2018. Over the next five years, Yeon anticipates that a total of nearly 10 trillion won ($9 billion) will be spent on the projects.The news ...

GoverMedia Partners With a Swiss Bank On Developing White Label Messaging Platform

The multinational company that provides a wide range of online services from e-commerce to initial coin offerings has signed strategic agreement with a private Swiss bank. The expected result is a fully customizable messaging platform used for the internal communication within a bank.The post GoverMedia Partners With a Swiss Bank On Developing White Label Messaging Platform appeared first on CoinSpeaker.