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STO pack

STO pack

Basic information

Package name STO pack
Domains count 218
Number of shares 218000
Algorithmic capitalization* $1,571,437.00
Market capitalization* More info

Package description

What exactly is an STO?

STO is the successor to ICO, which ensures security in trading and hence begins to replace it to a great extent. Therefore, in the future, ICO will no longer exist.

The STO is the safe, secure, and sensible answer to the ICO. The word “security” in the name says a lot: Security tokens have to be backed by a tangible asset, like a company’s profits or shares. On the other hand, ICOs involve “utility coins,” which have the potential to amount to little more than a promise or a souvenir.

STOs also require licensing approved by the SEC and other regulatory bodies. In other words, security coins have the features and protections of traditional assets, such as a share of company stock, while also leveraging the benefits of being a digital asset. And virtually any kind of physical asset — real estate, equity, etc. — can be “tokenized,” or used to back a security coin.

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Domains included in package

Domain name Estimated price
reitstos.com ~ $6500.000
tokenizedsto.com ~ $5000.000
stockssto.com ~ $3500.000
backedsto.com ~ $8500.000
investingsto.com ~ $8500.000
formsto.com ~ $4500.000
countrysto.com ~ $4500.000
valuationsto.com ~ $4500.000
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