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VFA pack

VFA pack

Basic information

Package name VFA pack
Domains count 264
Number of shares 264000
Algorithmic capitalization* $2,228,400.00
Market capitalization* More info

Package description

A VFA is defined as a any form of digital medium recordation that is used as a digital medium of exchange, a unit of account or a store of value. The definition specifically excludes electronic money, financial instruments under the Investment Services Act and virtual tokens (a token that has no utility, value or application outside its DLT platform and that can only be redeemed for funds on such platform directly by the issuer.

Domains included in package

Domain name Estimated price
bestvfa.com ~ $9600.000
topvfa.com ~ $9600.000
ultravfa.com ~ $8000.000
vfaking.com ~ $9000.000
goldvfa.com ~ $9400.000
7vfa.com ~ $8800.000
vfa21.com ~ $7600.000
vfa365.com ~ $7600.000
vfa4u.com ~ $8400.000
vfatime.com ~ $8600.000
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