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Basic information

Package name HNW
Domains count 55
Number of shares 55000
Algorithmic capitalization* $24,000.00
Market capitalization* More info

Package description

High net worth (HNW) is a term used by some segments of the financial services industry to designate persons whose investible assets exceed a given amount. Typically, these individuals are defined as holding financial assets with a value greater than  1 milion USD.

Domains included in package

Domain name Estimated price
cryptohnw.com Not set
hnw21.com Not set
hnwart.com Not set
hnwbitcoiner.com Not set
hnwblock.com Not set
hnwblockchain.com Not set
hnwbox.com Not set
hnwchain.com Not set
hnwdaily.com Not set
hnwdlt.com Not set