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It is not recommended place your funds only into one cryptocurrency, but to divide the investment into more cryptocurrencies.....

Domain packages

Our domain bundles are a good investment for diversifying investments. If you want to be really visible and want to be on the....

Individual Domains

Our domains are effective in its simplicity. If you are focused on a specific product, it is the right choice to choose fro....


If you are focused on a specific product, it is the right choice to choose from our wide range of exclusive domains. Buyi....

Peer to Peer (P2P)

How it works?Peer to peer most of us know from Torrent. It is used to connect multiple computers to each other without the us....

Fractional ownership

Fractional ownershipIs a method in which several unrelated parties can share in, and mitigate the risk of, ownership&nbs....

The best brands

If you do not know yet, Arbolet works on a platform that tokenizes domain business (allowing you to gain a share of domai....

Algorithmic capitalization

Projected calculation, based on factors:

  • domain sales prices of similar domains
  • received qualified offers from buyers
  • obvious pricing in domain business
  • projected capitalization does not include portfolio premium price

Market capitalization

Average from recent asset backed token trades (domain ownership tokens)

  • based on prices of last trades at token exchanges

logo TokenDomains

Our goal is to create valuable domains with the most popular trends on the Internet. We are building entire sector-specific packages.

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