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The best brands

If you do not know yet, Arbolet works on a platform that tokenizes domain business (allowing you to gain a share of domain usage). This platform simplifies domain portfolio trading and delivers immeasurable liquidity and the ability to take advantage of profitable opportunities.

Each of us knows global domains, uses and remembers sites including domains. Google? It has .com, Facebook too, almost every company on the Internet uses .com, .net, .org, and we are not thinking of it. Just, it's an extremely strong three-letter shortener, stored in the subconscious of anyone using the internet.


Domains in 2018

Domain names are undoubtedly a commodity that has a limited offer (nobody will take the same domains, unlike gold or silver, or currencies issued by central banks). The gold standard is the .com domain (similar to Bitcoin among cryptocurrencies), there are many other domains, but most of the domain business is done with .com. This situation will not change at least another 10-20 years. Domains have about 30 years of history.


What's important? Information...

Today's domain market is controlled by large players who have many years of experience, the entire business of today causes the impression that everything works according to standards and participants are waiting for a new initiative. Ownership of the domain ranks among the investments with somewhat lower liquidity. Domain brokers who offer domain portfolios charge for 10-20% of the price (the seller pays) for one trade, each trade is so burdened with high costs, which is unfavorably reflected in liquidity. The value of one store (1 domain) is usually between $ 2,000- $ 20,000, owning a broad portfolio has a unique added value. Domain shares will be converted into tokens that will be tradeable on a free market.


Portfolio creation is an idea that addresses to a broader public who is not interested in the segment at all.
Currently, colleagues are working on tokenize shares, part of our portfolios are reserved as a dividend for the Arbolet community, depending on the current amount of investment at the moment of the snapshot. Some members with higher investments have already been allocated some of our domain portfolios shares; they will find their shares in the Administration section and then on the blockchain.


This market will be bigger several times larger than today. Within several years? Probably not, this process will be much faster. Not only thanks to us, but this project will also trigger changes that are beneficial to everyone - for domain owners and ordinary investors who can take part in new opportunities.


We currently have several thousand domains registered; we are receiving new offers, we are in communication with people who want to get shares in our domain project from the beginning, and also we are in contact with domain portfolio owners who understand the benefits of cooperation with us.


The next article will be about tokenization of domains in practice, what dividends the owners of shares will receive and about the content of these domains...

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Our goal is to create valuable domains with the most popular trends on the Internet. We are building entire sector-specific packages.

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