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Asset backed token

These tokens are backed by value of the real asset. Many companies, institutions and governments have issued their tokens. Reason is simple, it is transparent, recorded in decentralized database, it is super-cheap to transfer and it is a modern way. There are many tokens in place – GOLD backed tokens, USD backed tokens, real estate backed tokens, art backed tokens, valuables backed tokens and last but not least domain names backed tokens. Thank to asset backed tokens people can invest even in a small part (a fraction) of a real asset. Such as fraction of apartment, fraction of gold bullion, piece of Mona Lisa or fraction of valuable domain Many research suggest within next 2-5 years there will be tokenized assets in the value of 5 trillion dollars. Tokenization has unlocked the door into world of the best investment opportunities that used to be available only to institutional investors for many decades. Today, it´s not only for wealthy people, everybody can buy their share and take advantage!

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Our goal is to create valuable domains with the most popular trends on the Internet. We are building entire sector-specific packages.

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